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Here are the 5 Easy Steps to Finding Help for Eating Disorders

We make it easy to find help for Eating Disorders

Eating Disorders are Tough Enough. Here are some ideas to make your search for assistance more effective.

Make your search for eating disorder help easy. 


5 Easy Steps to Finding Help for Eating Disorders



1. TAKE A LOOK AT WHAT IS AVAILABLE IN YOUR AREA: Scroll down and find the map of the US on our search page.  Begin by clicking on your state and then learn about the resources available in your area.  Discover the Treatment Centers, Individual Therapists, and other Specialists in your location.  (For a Treatment Center, you may be staying there for an extended time, so don't limit yourself to only resources close to home.)


2. EDUCATE YOURSELF: If you do not understand the terms or abbreviations used, then look them up at this link: abbreviations. You can learn more about the different types of therapists and the various therapies by clicking here.  You can learn about the different treatment options by clicking here.


3. DECIDE WHAT SETTING IS BEST: If you have a severe eating disorder, then our listings of treatment centers will be appropriate for your situation.  You can find the treatment centers separated out from the other listings by clicking here. There are also individual therapists, other treatment professionals, professionally lead groups and free support groups listed as search options on our HOME Page.


4. IS THE TREATMENT LISTING IS A GOOD FIT FOR YOU?: With any listing, see if they treat your specific disorder as a specialty and if they work with your age group.  You may want to read about the different types of eating disorders by clicking on this link.  The more you know, the better you will be able to match yourself with the correct type of assistance.  If the cost is a concern, then learn about your insurance and low cost options by clicking here.


5. MAKE SEVERAL CALLS BEFORE YOU GO FOR TREATMENT: Make some calls, ask questions, determine which direction is best for you. Interview the person on the other end of the line. If you do not feel comfortable, then try another resource.  (We cannot recommend one listing over another because it all depends on what is right for YOU.) 



With every call, please start by saying "I found you on EDReferral.com"--we appreciate it.





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