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  • Basic Membership
    • You will be able to see statistics online showing the number of times someone viewed your profile and the number of times someone clicked on your website.
    • You will have a toll-free number listed on your profile which will allow us to track the number of calls to your number.
    • Update your profile yourself 24/7.
    • Members with license and insurance verified have a Verified Badge on their profile.
    • Photo included with your profile.
    • List up to 5 ED Issues that your treat (Anorexia, Bulimia, BED, etc.)
    • List up to 5 locations in your area besides your office address.
    • List up to 5 payment options (credit cards, insurance, PayPal, etc.)
    • List up to 5 treatment settings (private practice, day treatment, hospital, etc.)
    • List up to 5 co-occurring issues (depression, addiction, OCD, etc.)
    • List up to 5 age categories (children, adolescents, seniors, etc)
    • List if you work with Faith-Based Counseling.
    • List all the languages spoken.
    • As a member, you are able to place banner advertising on EDReferral.com (Additional fees) (non-members cannot place banner ads)
    • As a member, you can list in the EDReferral.com Newsletter as many times as you like (non-members can only list once)
    • CLICK HERE: INDIVIDUAL (BASIC LEVEL) $200 / 12 months
    • TREATMENT CENTER (BASIC LEVEL) $500 / 12 months
    • GROUP PRACTICE (BASIC LEVEL) $300 / 12 months
  • PREMIUM Membership
    • PREMIUM LISTING Includes all the Basic privileges and...
    • Have your listing pushed to the TOP of the search results.
    • You are able to show your personal photo OR your business logo.
    • You can list ALL the issues you treat instead of 5.
    • List Videos about yourself or your location directly on your profile.
    • List all of your payment options instead of only 5
    • You can list up to 10 locations near your office instead of 5.
    • You can list ALL the treatment settings instead of 5.
    • List all the ages you work with instead of only 5.
    • You can list ALL the Co-Occurring issues instead of 5.
    • You can post audio files on your listing.
    • You can post classified ads such as job openings.
    • You can have a photo album on your listing.
    • You will have a Premium Badge listed on your profile.
    • You can post events on the main EDReferral.com calendar.
    • You can post blog articles on the EDReferral.com site.
    • No ads appear on your profile.
    • You can have reviews of your service and you are able to delete reviews.
    • CLICK HERE: INDIVIDUAL (PREMIUM) $400 / 12 months
    • TREATMENT CENTER (PREMIUM) $1000 / 12 months
    • GROUP PRACTICE (PREMIUM) $600 / 12 months

Why TRUST EDReferral.com?

We know it is not easy to know who you can trust on  the Internet, but here are some things to consider:

We have been providing eating disorder referrals since 1999.
We have experience. The staff  running this service have been providing referrals in the mental health field  since 1979 and specifically with eating disorders since 1999.
* EDReferral.com and our members specialize in eating disorders. 
This is not a site for members who tell you everything  they treat and then add eating disorders as one extra area of "specialization."  Our members specialize in working with eating disorders and that is why they are members of  EDReferral.com. Many clients use EDReferral to check to see if a professional  really does specialize in eating disorders.
EDReferral.com’s focus is SOLELY on helping you find the best treatment for  eating disorders.
We don’t run multiple sites pulling us  in different directions. At EDReferral.com, we only provide help with eating disorders. We don’t  sell products and then provide referrals as an afterthought. This is our only  focus—to be the best at matching people suffering from eating disorders with the most  appropriate treatment.
 EDReferral.com provides a Unique Eating Disorder Search Engine.
We have created a unique eating disorder search engine  which allows you do a simple search in your area or a more detailed search for  specific information. Then you decide what is best based on your  informed decision. No other site has our unique search engine.
We are not owned by a large corporation or trying to please stockholders.
EDReferral.com was founded by Christine Hartline. She  created this service as as a way to give back to those who had helped her  through her own struggle with eating disorders. Even though she passed away,  EDReferral is now continued by her husband, Dr. Kevin Grold.
We are not trying to steer you towards one particular treatment center or one  company that owns several treatment centers.
We are not funded by a large corporation that is trying to  funnel clients to a specific treatment center. Our specialty is providing eating  disorder referrals for treatment. If you do see another site providing  referrals, check out how many members and treatment centers they have not only in your area but  all around the  world.
EDReferral.com is the service chosen most by eating disorder professionals and  treatment centers (and other referral services). 
We are one of the most used and respected referral  services in the country and internationally. We work hard to maintain our  reputation as the best place to find help. We constantly hear from both clients  and professionals who thank us for our top rate service. All you have to do is  ask any eating disorder professional what service they use to find treatment.
EDReferral.com is updated every day.
As with most other sites, with EDReferral.com you will not find broken links,  wrong phone numbers and incorrect information that has been  sitting there for years or purchased from an outdated, incorrect online  database. Our information is updated daily. You will not find many, if any,  broken links or bad phone numbers because we do not put information out there  for the public and then forget about it. Most days our information is updated  hourly. We spend a great deal of time doing our best to make sure the  information on our site is up-to-date. We do not allow anyone to place  information on our site and then just leave it there—giving you the task to  discover if the phone numbers and other information is still valid. Therapists  retire, phone numbers go bad, websites stop, and addresses change all the  time—we strive to make sure you are not wasting your time when you are looking  for help.
EDReferral.com provides the most comprehensive amount of referral information  possible. 
We don’t want you to search only for what is available  right in your area. We want you to know about all the resources and exact  matches for your specific needs from providers and treatment centers all over the world. Try doing that with  any other site!
EDReferral.com is a group of professionals who care about helping you find help.
We do everything we can to help you make an informed  choice and provide you with the best and latest information so that it will be  easy for you to find the help you need.
EDReferral.com is easy to use.
If you look at other sites, you will instantly SEE a  difference. That is why so many treatment centers and treating professionals  turn to us every day.  
Check for yourself. 
We want you to be informed. We want you to check around.  We want to make this process simple and easy for you. We encourage you to ask  anyone in the eating disorder field about our service and our reputation. --- We  care about helping you find the help you need.

In Partnership with the American Eating Disorder Association- -SINCE 1999