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  • Basic Membership
    • You will be able to see statistics online showing the number of times someone viewed your profile and the number of times someone clicked on your website.
    • You will have a toll-free number listed on your profile which will allow us to track the number of calls to your number.
    • Update your profile yourself 24/7.
    • Members with license and insurance verified have a Verified Badge on their profile.
    • Photo included with your profile.
    • List up to 5 ED Issues that your treat (Anorexia, Bulimia, BED, etc.)
    • List up to 5 locations in your area besides your office address.
    • List up to 5 payment options (credit cards, insurance, PayPal, etc.)
    • List up to 5 treatment settings (private practice, day treatment, hospital, etc.)
    • List up to 5 co-occurring issues (depression, addiction, OCD, etc.)
    • List up to 5 age categories (children, adolescents, seniors, etc)
    • List if you work with Faith-Based Counseling.
    • List all the languages spoken.
    • As a member, you are able to place banner advertising on EDReferral.com (Additional fees) (non-members cannot place banner ads)
    • As a member, you can list in the EDReferral.com Newsletter as many times as you like (non-members can only list once)
    • CLICK HERE: INDIVIDUAL (BASIC LEVEL) $200 / 12 months
    • TREATMENT CENTER (BASIC LEVEL) $500 / 12 months
    • GROUP PRACTICE (BASIC LEVEL) $300 / 12 months
  • PREMIUM Membership
    • PREMIUM LISTING Includes all the Basic privileges and...
    • Have your listing pushed to the TOP of the results.
    • You are able to show your personal photo OR your business logo.
    • You can list ALL the issues you treat instead of 5.
    • List Videos about yourself or your location directly on your profile.
    • List all of your payment options instead of only 5
    • You can list up to 10 locations near your office instead of 5.
    • You can list ALL the treatment settings instead of 5.
    • List all the ages you work with instead of only 5.
    • You can list ALL the Co-Occurring issues instead of 5.
    • You can post audio files on your listing.
    • You can post classified ads such as job openings.
    • You can have a photo album on your listing.
    • You will have a Premium Badge listed on your profile.
    • You can post events on the main EDReferral.com calendar.
    • You can post blog articles on the EDReferral.com site.
    • No ads appear on your profile.
    • You can have reviews of your service and you are able to delete reviews.
    • CLICK HERE: INDIVIDUAL (PREMIUM) $400 / 12 months
    • TREATMENT CENTER (PREMIUM) $1000 / 12 months
    • GROUP PRACTICE (PREMIUM) $600 / 12 months

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