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Upcoming Eating Disorder Events are announced on this page. Members feel free to submit all events that will benefit professionals in the treatment and prevention of eating disorders by emailing edreferral@gmail.com. Premium Members can add listings instantly through their online profile. 

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Online Events:

Online Webinar: What If You Had a Behavior Decoding Tool? One that would tell you why a client isn’t making the changes asked of them, or how to prevent them from leaving before they get the help they need. Dr. Barbara Birsinger, creator of The Behavior Decoding Method™, a CE/Professionals Certification Program, is offering a free virtual training that will demonstrate how you can decode your clients’ behaviors to uncover the deeper meanings, why they may be resistant to treatment, and how you can help. Click here to register for this free training and learn more. There is nothing more frustrating, or heartbreaking than to feel like you’re working harder than your clients; however, they may not yet know how to generate new behaviors, how to get into rapport enough to trust, or how they could exist without the thoughts, behaviors, beliefs and identity as their lifeline. In this webinar, Dr. Birsinger will present you with a simple hands-on tool and introduce you to a proven system, that will reveal what is really going on with your clients, and how to walk them through a self-discovery process of solutions, uniquely their own, that inspire and motivate them to enlist in your treatment goals for lasting recovery. Sign up now for free access, or for more information contact Dr. Birsinger: 707-799-2982; research@BarbaraBirsinger.com

Year-Long Events:

Online: Study Title - A study of the referral process in the treatment of eating disorder or disordered eating patients: When do mental health professionals refer to a registered dietitian? You have been selected to participate in a research study being conducted by Maggie Stroud, Kathleen Davis, PhD, RD, LD of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Mandy Golman PhD, MCHES, of Texas Woman’s University (TWU) and Jessica Setnick, MS, RD, CEDRD. The purpose is to gather information regarding when and under what circumstances mental health professionals (MHPs) refer their patients with eating disorders or disordered eating to a registered dietitian (RD). We also hope to gain insight into attitudes and beliefs of MHPs regarding the role of RDs in eating disorders/disordered eating treatment. Attached is a link to a one-time survey that will take approximately 20 minutes of your time to complete. No identifying information such as your name, email address or IP address will be collected. The results of this study will be used for scholarly purposes only. Deidentified survey responses will be analyzed to assess research objectives. Your completion of the survey would be greatly appreciated and beneficial to the field of eating disorder treatment. If you have any questions, you may contact Kathleen Davis, PhD, RD, LD of University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, Kathleen.davis@utsouthwestern.edu , 6011 Harry Hines Blvd. Dallas, TX 75390. Survey: https://ais.swmed.edu/redcap/surveys/?s=93NMDEH93D

Los Angeles, CA: Southern California - Professional Study Group: Carolyn Costin, MFT invites all treating professionals to her study group. This group takes place the first Tuesday of every month from 12:00-1:00pm at her day treatment center, Eating Disorder Center of CA, www.montenido.com . You are welcome to bring a lunch. The group covers case reviews, treatment strategies, new literature and research, and other areas related to treatment of eating disorders. CEU's are given to MFT's and LCSW's. Call for more information at 310-457-9958.

Sarasota, FL: The Food Addiction Institute is conducting professional training programs. For further information visit http://foodaddictioninstitute.org.

Other Professional Trainings and Courses:

Camarillo, CA: Eating Disorders Case Consultation Group: Free meeting for consultation, sharing of knowledge, and support for clinicians working (or interested) in the field of eating disorders treatment. Brown bag lunch, CEU event every other month on Mondays from 11:30-1pm. Where: Suite N-B at New Beginnings Counseling Center. Check website www.thenewbeginningscenter.com for details.

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