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Scholarship Foundation

The Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center is dedicated to the treatment and prevention of eating disorders. We hope to promote social attitudes that enhance a healthy body image and self-esteem. Our goal is to provide assistance, in the form of information and referrals, to those suffering with eating disorders to get them started on the road to recovery and healthy living.

In addition, the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center is providing "Scholarships" to help deserving individuals obtain treatment from a competent psychotherapist who specializes in the treatment of eating disorders.

The Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center will to contribute 5 sessions at a significantly reduced rate, which will be paid for by $250 Scholarships. We hope to generate donations which will help provide treatment.  We have not created a non-profit organization to provide tax deductions for donors because of the huge amount of paperwork and expense involved. But will donate our time to manage this fund and will personally guarantee that ALL of the donated money will go toward the Scholarships. Every time we collect another $250 dollars, another Scholarship will be available.

This is merely a beginning of an approach to a very serious problem.  The Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center has always been on the forefront of innovative ideas and we hope that this idea will bring us one step closer to a solution to the serious problem of eating disorders.

For an application, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:



What is the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center Therapy Scholarship?

It is a unique scholarship whereby the chosen applicant receives five sessions of psychotherapy, which are paid for by the scholarship. It allows people who have not had the chance to experience therapy to try it out and see if they can improve their lives without incurring any financial expense.

Who can apply?

Anyone who would like individual, couple, or family psychotherapy can apply. We want people to make a commitment to try out the therapy for the entire five sessions before deciding to stop.

How to apply?

Call the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center and request a one-page application, which asks about your financial situation and asks you to write a paragraph on why you should be chosen for the scholarship. 

How are the scholarships chosen?

We do not have many criteria as yet other than no family or friends of the members of the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center may apply. The applicant must be willing to commit to trying out this process for the entire five sessions and demonstrate a financial need.

When do I find out if I am accepted?

We have closing dates, after which the applicants will all receive a letter about whether or not they have been chosen. The next closing date has not been determined.

Can you donate money to the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center Scholarship fund?

Yes. The more people that donate, the more needy people will receive treatment. The minimum donation is $10. When the fund reaches $250, another scholarship will become available. No donated scholarship money is used for the administration of this fund—it all goes to help people receive therapy. This fund is entirely administered with donated time and energy. Financial donations are not tax deductible because the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center does not have a tax-exempt status. The Scholarships are transferred directly to the psychotherapist. Donations are made out to EDReferral.com Scholarship fund (checks or money orders—cash is not accepted). 

What is the Catch?

There is no catch. We are doing this to help people who might not otherwise be able to afford therapy, to receive the assistance they need. We hope this Scholarship fund will help to introduce people to the benefits of therapy. Our members have been frustrated by managed care managers telling them how to do their business. We hope that these Scholarships will free our therapists to again work with their full creative and intuitive skills. When we are not able to match the recipient with one of our screened members, then we will find them a licensed psychotherapist near their home.

What happens when the five sessions are up? Can a recipient re-apply?

There is only so much that we can do at this time. Recipients of the Scholarship may not re-apply so that others have the same opportunity. Our hope is that after the five sessions, the Scholarship recipient will be able to continue learning and growing with other tools and skills learned in the therapy session. The recipient needs to sign an application stating that he or she understands that private therapy may not be an option after the scholarship runs out.

What are the details for applicants?

We choose a nearby psychotherapist near the applicant's home--one with expertise in treating eating disorders. The applicant has to commit to trying this out for the five sessions. Psychotherapist shopping would use up all of the sessions. If the applicant decides not to continue with this psychotherapist, then the psychotherapist will keep the Scholarship money (There is no coercion to continue). If the applicant misses a session without 48 hours notice to the psychotherapist, that will reduce the number of available sessions by one. Each Scholarship recipient will have 3 months to schedule and complete all of the five sessions from the time the Scholarship is awarded. The scholarships are non-transferable to other parties. Individuals who have never been in psychotherapy before will be given priority. We hope the applicants will understand that the participating therapists are providing therapy at a rate which is often quite a lot lower than their regular fee as a community service donation.

What are the details for the psychotherapists?

The selected psychotherapist must send a copy of a valid license and malpractice insurance to the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center before being considered as the Scholarship psychotherapist. The psychotherapist agrees to see the client for five sessions, which last at least 45 minutes each without interruption. At the end of the five sessions, the psychotherapist is required to send the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center a postcard stating that the sessions have been completed or that the 3 months have expired without the client re-scheduling an appointment. The psychotherapist agrees to be flexible and willing to work together with the client in scheduling appointments. Screened members of the Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center are the first priority. If there is no Eating Disorder Referral and Information Center member within 60 miles of the recipient, then other therapists will be contacted and screened.

Can the psychotherapist require a co-payment?

No. Even though it is widely accepted that paying a co-payment can be therapeutically beneficial, for the purpose of entirely removing the financial barrier to treatment, the therapists are required to take the Scholarship payment as payment in full for the 5 sessions.

What are the benefits to the psychotherapist?

The psychotherapist will have therapy sessions paid $50 in advance including "no-shows" for five sessions. There will be no managed care interference with the psychotherapist’s treatment. Therapists will be able to help people in financial need—clients who may not have been able to receive assistance in the past, will now have an option. If the client does not complete the five sessions within 3 months, then the psychotherapist will keep the remaining scholarship amount.

In Partnership with the American Eating Disorder Association- -SINCE 1999