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Banner advertising (such as the banner you see above) is a great way to bring your message DIRECTLY to eating disorder clients. If you think about the revenue generated from just ONE new client, then placing one or many banners on the EDReferral website really makes sense. As you have most likely noticed, almost every treatment center working with eating disorders has decided to place banner advertising on this site and has done so repeatedly year after year---because of all the referrals!  We can help you choose the best available pages for your specific needs and we will provide detailed stats that show your results.

You can advertise on a certain page, by location, or even by a certain keyword!  If you are interested in more than 3 banners, then be sure to email us at edreferral@gmail.com so that we can put a reduced rate package together for you.  

...also see below for listing in our newsletter. The EDReferral monthly email newsletter is sent to over 74,000 people in the eating disorder field.


Add to Cart ADD YOUR BANNER to our highest traffic/ available web page for 12 months for $1500.00. This is an easy and effective way to generate more referrals from clients who are looking for eating disorder treatment. (Clicking this link will cause us to pay a processing fee of over $33 if you are willing to send a check--see below.) (A few pages have additional fees. Please check with us before making a final decision.)

NEWSLETTER ADVERTISING: The Eating Disorder Journal

Add to Cart  Pay the $100.00 MONTHLY NEWSLETTER FOR MEMBERS ONLY (One time ED related insertion allowed for non members) advertising fee to include a 250 word one time notice/ad in the email newsletter.  The $100 payment can be made until the end of the day on the 20th to be distributed at the end of the month.

(If the $100 payment is made after the 20th of the month, the next issue will be automatically skipped.

Add to Cart  LAST MINUTE NEWSLETTER INSERTION FOR MEMBERS ONLY $140.00 (after the 20th of the month) (call or email first to ask if it is possible to have the newsletter reformatted for this late insertion) (Your listing may be subject to editing without prior approval... be sure to closely follow all listing requirements.) The $140 payment can be made between the 21st and the 25th to be distributed at the end of the month.

Add to Cart  12 MONTHLY CONSECUTIVE ISSUES REDUCED RATE  $900.00 ($75 per insertion) (For Members)


A portion of all membership and advertising fees help to pay for eating disorder treatment in collaboration with Project Heal.


You could instead decide to mail a check payable to EDReferral.com 

Mailing Address: 2923 Sandy Pointe, Suite 6, Del Mar, CA 92014-2052.




Free Article: What is ONE Referral worth?
Referrals make up the bedrock of your private practice (or treatment center development) and therefore should be treated like gold.  Unfortunately, many therapists take their referrals for granted and do not handle them with the care they deserve.  Often, a referral will be given to a therapist and the referral source is left wondering whether the client information was received by the therapist and whether or not to select another professional in the future.  EVERY TIME someone gives you a referral, they are evaluating whether they have made a good decision, and whether to refer to you again.Thus it is well worth your time to let the referral source know that you appreciate the fact that they chose you.
No matter where the referral comes from, be sure to follow up and let the referring party know that you are handling the matter professionally. Also inquire about any information that might be helpful with your treatment plan (after you have obtained your client's approval).  Always follow up your referrals with a thank you postcard and a call.  Then, after your first session, if appropriate, let the referral source know that the referral was appropriate and that they made a correct selection in choosing your services.  These efforts will help the person referring to you to feel involved in the process and he or she will be more likely to continue referring to you in the future.
When a client comes in for the first time, passing through your door is a potential lifetime of business.  Consider that one client paying $80 a week for a year can increase your income by $4160.If this client refers 2 new clients to you and they in turn each refer 1 client, then after a year, your income can increase by a total of $20,800 just as a result of that first referral. This won't happen with all clients, but some will show up at your office who CAN afford your fees, who WILL come to see you for many years, and who WILL refer their spouse, children, and friends.  In a business sense, each new referral should be viewed as the top of a large pyramid or as a potential gold mine of new business and income. 
Each inquiring phone call is an important commodity because it can generate income EVEN IF it does not directly result in a client entering your office. For instance, if you refer the caller to an agency or another professional, you can expect referrals back in the future. Specifically, if you are a psychologist and send 5 referrals to a psychiatrist over a period of time and received no referrals in return, then you should discuss this with the psychiatrist.  If this doctor does not want to or cannot refer clients back to you, then give your future referrals to professionals who will refer to you.
If you pass the referral to a local agency, then turn the "loss of a referral" into a networking opportunity.  Follow-up with the agency to make sure that the call was received.This will provide you with an opportunity to introduce yourself to the intake person--this can be done without revealing any confidential client information.  You can say, "I am Dr. XX and I just want to let you know that I passed along a referral to your agency today."  The intake person will likely inquire about you and your specialties.  Ask if you can send some business cards and  brochures.  This can very well turn into significant future referrals.
If you receive a referral that is not covered by insurance, or the client's managed care plan, then this is a perfect opportunity to try and become included on the insurance plan or H.M.O.  The company may let you offer service on a temporary basis and subsequently it may turn into a more permanent arrangement. 
As you can see, every referral to your office is a potential for networking.  Although many therapists are uncomfortable with the marketing aspect of building a successful practice, a person who is referred to your office is much easier to handle than approaching members of the community without any introduction.  So realize that calls to your office are openings and invitations for you to build connections.  If you cultivate your referrals, then your practice will continue to grow and prosper. Copyright Dr. Kevin Grold.

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