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Center for Change on Eating Disorder Treatment


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Orem, UT (scan down)

Center for Change

1790 North State Street, Orem, UT

Office: 801-224-8255 or 888-224-8250 



Inpatient Treatment, Residential Treatment, Partial Hospitalization, Day Treatment, Outpatient, Individual Therapy/Private Practice, Medical Evaluation,  Nutritional Counseling, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy, Support Groups, Phone Counseling

Center for Change treats adolescent and adult women with Anorexia, Bulimia, and Binge Eating. They also work with Athletes, Compulsive Exercisers, Compulsive Overeating, Laxative Abuse, Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD).

Treating Eating Disorders since the Year: 1994

Payment Options: Cash/Check, Insurance, Medicaid, Credit Cards

Overview: Center for Change provides a caring and nurturing environment where women can heal under the constant supervision of a large staff of seasoned medical, psychological and nutritional experts. These individuals have been carefully selected because of their expertise in treating both the outward symptoms and underlying causes of eating disorders. The message of the Center for Change that "hope is real" is woven through the entire inpatient experience. 

Mission: Center for Change is devoted to providing a warm, caring atmosphere for those suffering from eating disorders, and treatment which gives hope, healing, and recovery towards a full and meaningful life.

Vision: Through research, experience, and hard work, Center for Change will be a leader in development of high-quality, cost-effective programs, treatments, and educational materials, which increase understanding toward successful treatment of those suffering from eating disorders and related emotional illnesses.  Center for Change is proud to be certified by the Joint Commission, TRICARE, and The Northwest Accreditation Commission.



Logan, Utah (scan down)

Avalon Hills Residential Eating Disorders Program

Residential Treatment

Communities served: Unites States, Canada, International

Contact information:

7852 W. 600 N., Petersboro, UT  
Toll-free: 800-330-0490 
Phone: 435-753-3686                             

8530 S. 500 W., Paradise, UT 
Toll-free: 800-330-0490
Phone: 435-245-4537



Residential Treatment Center for females with eating disorders and co-morbid mental health issues (i.e., depression, anxiety, trauma, personality disorders and family dysfunction). Intensive individual, group, family/relational therapy occurs throughout the week as well as nutritional, health, educational and psychiatric assessments. In addition Avalon Hills also offers a unique combination of expressive therapies and animal assisted therapy.

Overview: Avalon Hills assists adolescents (ages 11-17) and young adult females in altering the negative beliefs, emotions, behaviors, interactions, and cultural influences that have contributed to the development of disordered eating, co-morbid mental disorders and concomitant medical concerns. The program is founded on three cornerstones for positive change: new information, new insights, and new experiences. Our treatment approach is both evidence-based and holistic in nature. Avalon Hills remains committed to individualized, comprehensive programming for all clients we serve. 

Payment Options: Cash/Check, Credit Cards, Insurance (please call for more information regarding insurance coverage).



Salt Lake City, UT (scan down)

Andrea Addley RD, CD

Nutritional Counseling, Individual Therapy, Support Groups, Phone Counseling

1174 East 2760 South, Graystone Office Building #1A, Salt Lake City, UT

Additional Communities Served: Logan

Office: 801-664-2182



Treatment Model: Beginning with your current state of health, Andrea develops an individual plan based on one's needs. Andrea works along with physicians and therapists to help individuals successfully recover from an eating disorder. She works with intuitive eating as individuals are ready for its principles and she understands how to help individuals make life long behavioral changes. Andrea believes that full recovery from an eating disorder is possible and is worth it!

Ms. Addley treats Anorexia and Bulimia; males and females, children, adolescents and adults. She also works with Athletes, Compulsive Exercisers, Food Addiction, Binge Eating Disorder, Obesity and Compulsive Overeating.

Treating Eating Disorders since the Year: 2004

Payment Options: Cash/Check



Wendy Hoyt, Ph.D., PC, License #5527692-2501

Utah Center for Eating Disorders

Individual Therapy/Private Practice, Outpatient, Family Therapy, Couples Therapy, Group Therapy

349 E. 900 S., Salt Lake City, UT

Additional Communities Served: University of Utah, Westminster University, Salt Lake valley

Office: 801-532-3614



Treatment Model: I utilize both cognitive-behavioral and interpersonal strategies in the treatment of eating disorders. I advocate for a non-dieting approach to eating, and encourage intuitive eating in those ready to utilize this approach. I require a multidisciplinary approach in working with eating disorders.

Dr. Hoyt treats Anorexia and Bulimia; males and females, adolescents and adults. She also works with Athletes, Compulsive Exercisers, Food Addiction, Binge Eating Disorder, Obesity, Compulsive Overeating and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD).

Treating Eating Disorders since the Year: 2000

Payment Options: Cash/Check, Insurance, Medicare, Sliding Scale

I have worked in a variety of inpatient/residential settings, in addition to doing outpatient therapy; therefore, I have extensive experience in the treatment of eating disorders and in the steps necessary to create a successful transition from higher levels of care to outpatient therapy. You will find that my therapeutic style is casual, though challenging, and we will work closely together to challenge the disordered eating and identify underlying causes and triggers. I also have expertise in the treatment of self-harm.



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